Located in the heart of Asia, Europe and Africa;

Having an enormous experience throughout the years;

PROFF, today, is proud to be one of the pioneers of the market by delivering high class kitchen household appliances all over the world.

With showrooms in different locations in Europe and Middle East and North Africa well rounded-experienced team members, we are glad to offer you our perfectly designed line of high quality products such as our own production of Cooker&Chimney hoods as well as Built in Ovens, Hobs, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Kitchen Sinks and Faucets,

To make your kitchen dream come true, we invite you to take a look at our stylish-long lasting-easy to use models. Indulge your self and embellish the heart of your beautiful house with PROFF because….

You deserve it!!

What we are determined; to making the kitchens
more enjoyable by providing the modern- durable
products to the world.

Why we exist; to have the perfect team from the first person, launching the production…. to the last, delivering in high quality.

We built great accordance with between our precios customers and respectful qualified employees while assuring Valuable Service that satisfies at a great profit of our company.

Why Us?


We encourage our team to do what is right to have the highest quality

Quality Service

We do our utmost to offer a quality that can exceed our customer’s expectations


We always come up with the innovative solutions and the flourishing company policies

Perfect Team

We have a well trained responsible and comprehensive team from the production to the operation who have been in the business not less than 3 years


Our profitability grows with the organized-trustable , and most importantly, fair business we generate

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